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Create Playbooks to Drive Performance

Playbooks are growth systems that detail the optimal process, resource allocation and methodology to improve sales performance over a set time period and to a set budget.  Playbooks are unique to an organisation, built from a combination of key influencing factors that inform the right  system for each company to achieve their growth objectives. 

Demand Generation
Time , Activity, Methodology, Process 

Playbook Design Process  

Sequence follow a proven method to create unique high performance playbooks for each client. The framework process is detailed below 

Playbook Goals Setting

Performance Audit 

TAM and Market Segementation 

Demand Generation Channels 

Content and Events

Themes and tone of voice identified are mapped for the creation of impactful collateral that can be leveraged across multiple demand generation channels to support each stage of the buyer journey.

Thought leadership events beceome part of a strategy to develop trusted advisor relationships 


Best practice digital  marketing tactics are buikt into the  early stage demand generation stage with the right target clients, PPC, retargeting, SEO and more. 

Outbound Marketing

High performance outbound campaigns actively focused on higher value target firms. Combinations of calls, emails and messaging supported by great collateral.

Outbound efforts to also include networking events, conference attendeance. 

On Demand Experts 

Once framework process is built we have a network of on demand experts  our clients can engage with to drive demand generation according to their selected channels. 


Framework social strategy supported by great content and amplified by paid soclal where required. Social efforts focused on linkedin but supported by twitter, tiktok and facebook. 




Deep Discovery and Opportunity Scoring

We advise deep discovery at the start fo the sales stages. Good discovery lead to good deals and also highlight areas which may derail sales at a later stage.  As part of our playbooks we create deep discovery frameworks. 

Value, Velocity and Volume

Sequence playbooks create a higher volume of high value deals passing through the sales process more quickly. This is the essence of revenue acceleration. 

Collaboration and Solution Design

Sales today are a collaborative process. Collaboration with clients on the solution design ensures strong sales process that stand up to the rigour of modern procurement

Ongoing Advisory and Fractional Sales Directors 

Sequence provide ongoing consultancy to playbook clients to remain part of their growth journey.


Strong process creates stronger opportunities with more balanced negotiation and more focus on value capture than price. 

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