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10+ Years

Education Level :


Area of Expertise:

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Lead Generation

Inside Sales Professionals

 Industry sectors:

Health Care


Professional Services


United Kingdom

Indicative Rates:


I successfully provide proactive hands-on new business development services/ consultancy, training, lead generation and telemarketing.

Working with start-ups, Investors, SME’s and World leaders from many different sectors, I successfully assist companies to achieve accelerated growth, increased revenue and positive awareness.

My primary focus is to proactively grow new opportunities by reaching key decision-makers.

I work with Investors and Directors and on many occasions I support sales reps to rank up the numbers both in the UK and US.

My clients are across many different industries, all utilising my services as an experienced director-level consultant to grow their business, without taking on the headache of a full-time member of staff.

My role is very productive, varied, enjoyable and challenging.

I have the skills and ability to organise many decision-makers together in one room across many departments and to quickly build strong relationships. I am tenacious with a never give up attitude

I have recently been working for leading digital medical software companies providing e-learning resources to medical students. This has involved focused and well- targeted proactive strategies, cold calling to decision makers (Directors of education, library directors, Deans, Chairs and health and Biology faculty) within Universities, colleges, hospitals, medical schools and surgical device companies.




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