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10+ Years

Education Level :

Bachelors Degree

Area of Expertise:

Sales and Marketing Strategy

New Market Entry

Independent Sales Professionals

 Industry sectors:

Professional Services

Real Estate

Construction & Materials


United Kingdom

Indicative Rates:


I am an experienced business development and management professional that focussed on growing turnover and profitability for my clients.
I have 20+ years of problem-solving, management and strategic leadership in a variety of industries including, banking, high-end electronics, real estate, construction, engineering and professional services.

I specialise in developing strategies that identify ideal target clients and formulate highly effective processes to engage them as directly as possible.

I run my own business growth consultancy and specialise in the delivery of practical solutions and training that aims to optimise the client acquisition and revenue growth elements of our projects.

I have held roles as Head of Sales, Sales Director EMEA, Head of Sales and Marketing, Head of Business Development and Head of Sales and Training, as well as roles as interim head of the business development function.

Over the course of my career, I have developed highly effective training structures to improve the skills of existing sales teams that I have hired to lead and improve. This includes the entire consultative sales cycle from cold approach through to close.

I aim to deliver new sales, optimised processes and support structures that ensure stable and successful sales growth.



07711 606 262

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