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Independent Sales and Marketing Professionals

Sequence is a partnership of independent Sales and Marketing Experts, built by indepentent professionals for  independent professionals for every stage of a Sales and Marketing process. Sequence delivers opportunities for the best independent experts to provide services to companies who want to grow. As a partnership Sequence also provides independent freelancers the ability to utliise the skills of other Sequence Partners.


Sequence differs from othe freelance sites in that the Partners and the main focus of Sequence is not the Site (partners vote annually on the % of earnings the site takes), it is the Clients and the Partners .


The aim of Sequence is to develop a brand known for delivering great Sales and Marketing projects with cross industry, cross discipline professionals that can reach into the Sequence community to build teams to support every stage of the sales and marketing process.  


Built on the struture of a law firm Sequence offers all independent partners the opportunity to choose great projects, and to win new projects as Sequence . To find out more about why Sequence is a Partnership, and to see if it is something that you would want to be part of sign up to access the dedicated Partner section  of our site. 

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