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Growth Consulting

Sequence advises innovative companies and managment teams on global business growth. We take on results transformation and sales management and strategy projects. and we implement highly effective growth campaigns. 



Value Propositions

Sales Acceleration-

Existing Revenue Streams

Sequence work with clients to on accelerate existing revenue streams

We advise on the strength of the value proposition (what are you selling) and the sales process (how are you selling it) leveraging our expertise, experience supported by deep independent insight.


We map, deconstruct and and rebuild the value proposition and the end to end sales process against the buyer journey systematically identifying and unlocking bottleknecks and creating sales playbooks for re-engineered, faster, frictionless pipelines that create a consistent flow of new business. 

The areas we focus on when advising on Sales Acceleration include the Value Proposition, Pipeline Stages, Buyer Journey,  Market Segmentation, Prospect Segmentation, Sales Performance 

Business Transformation - 

New Revenue Streams

We work with Corporates, professional services and disruptive start ups on establishing new revenue streams adn the sales and marketing infrastructure needed for growth. 

Successfully launching new revenue streams can have a significant impact on a companies results. Companies engage with us to support them during the critical evaluation and launch phase bringing our independence and experience whilst minimising impact on core business. As independent consultants we can  progress ideas, develop and validate revenue models with the target market, increasing the probability of the success of the new initiative, de-risking further investment, and informing the best use of resources at the time of a wider more public launch. 

Reasons Clients Choose  Sequence


Clients primarily work with us becauseo our projects get results.  Our approach and advice is more  revenue led than other consultantcies and the ROI can be easily measured . 

Our Methodology

Sequence provide bespoke advice tailored to each client  delivered within a proven framwork methodology which delivers results


We have a broad range of experience including complex enterprise sales to senior decision makers in niche markets

Unlocking Bottleknecks

Sequence provide bespoke advice tailored to suit each clients value proposition and multiple other variables it is delivered within a proven framwork which delivers results

Sales Playbooks

We create powerful sales and marketing playbooks that our clients use to globally improve sales performance.

Areas we Address

Value Proposition 

Insight is crafted into powerful overriding value propositions, which capture the essence of why clients will buy from you. Where there are multiple entry points into new clients, value propositions and messaging are tailored to suit each persona. 

We provide the framework to translate generic value propositions into client specific business cases that your prospect can present to their colleagues. 

Sales Process 

Sequence deconstruct and rebuild faster piplines strongly aligned to the buyer journey. Our strategies develop more top of funnel momentum and we implement strong stage progression triggers ensuring more investment of time and effort in higher quality opportunities and minimising the time, effort and opportunity cost of low probability opportunities. 

Independent Insight

Our advice is  built on deep insight to really understand what triggers change. As skilled independent external consultants we can develop deeper insight with all stakeholders than you can direct. This insight is then analysed to inform and prioritise key campaign tone and themes. 

Expert Collateral and Events

We advise on the conversion of high level themes identified as key to the value proposition into impactful underlying collateral to support each stage of the buyer journey.

We use impactful and educational round tables and events, as part of a thought leadership strategy to develop early relationships and build trust.

Market Segmentation

We segement the total addressable market into buckets based on revenue potential using a combination of obvious and proprietary variables to score target companies. Prospects are also rated based research and once campaigns are underway on 'discovery' . Resources are allocated 

to reflect the value of targets , and reflect the requirements of each persona.

Sales Performance

We work with your sales and marketing teams to deliver improved performance. 

Our Expertise

Outbound Channels

We use impactful and educational round tables and events, as part of a thought leadership strategy to develop early relationships and build trust. 

Digital Advertising

We amplify the reach of our digital campaigns with paid advertising and PPC where applicable. This may be linkedin, google or other. 


We use impactful and educational round tables and events, as part of a thought leadership strategy to develop early relationships and build trust. 

Marketing Automation

We leverage marketing automation to promote content and generate lead scores for prospects that are engaging with our content. Once lead scores hit a pre-defined level they can be passed to the sales teams for deeper discovery. 

Social - Organic and Paid

Social management should be included inlcudes the promotion of any content via socia. We typically base pricing on number of platforms, frequency of posting, and level of campaign design work from 2 or 3 posts per week to a full suite of social media management. 


Paid Social is is a great way to add value-add, capturing new leads, engagement, and potential conversions which increase the flow into the top of the funnel

Email Marketing

Well crafted email campaigns are extremely effective. Using industry leading automation tool Sequence create highly effective automated campaigns targeted at tailored to each client and their target makret segments. 

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