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Growth as a Service

Short to Medium Term Global Growth Solutions 

Resource for Growth

Drive Results

Maximise ROI

Through 'Growth as a Service' we augment our clients resources providing the extra expertise and firepower required to break new accounts, overperform and outcompete. 


Winning new clients requires significantly  more resource than maintaining the status quo . Our revenue delivery units combine digital marketing, outbound and outsourced sales and are an effective short to medium term solution to create the revenue momentum from which sustainable success is built.  We have vast experience in this area and multiple referenceable clients.  

Campaign Design

Digital Marketing 

Outsourced Sales 


Why clients choose Growth as a Service

A Flexible Solution to Boost Resources for Growth 

We provide a flexible solution to augment our clients resources over the short to medium term to deliver growth. 

Integrated for Impact and Value

As opposed to simply hiring disconnected marketing, sales support or sales people Sequence provide experts who work within a system which maximises results and minimises time to new revenue. 

Global Presence 

With our global presence we can deploy teams globally to service our clients on the ground where required to grow new global markets. 

Sequence Methodology

The Sequence methodology defines whow we design every component part of our campaigns for incremental momentum and and how we divide resources across our multi disciplinary teams  to drive results.on budget 

Our People

Our people are all experts in what they do meaning we can onboard and deploy new campaigns quickly. 

Continuous Improvement

We report on a comprehensive set of pre-revenue metrics to continually tweak processes for maximum impact. 

Digital Marketing

Deploying High Performing Revenue Units

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing including email marketing is supported by expert collateral and events is used for effective lead capture and to nurture nurture prospects throught to 'discovery'. Additional reach can be provide through Social, Paid Social additional paid advertising and PPC where applicable. T

We leverage marketing automation platforms to measure engagment with our content. Once lead scores hit a pre-defined level they are passed to the sales development teams for deeper discovery. 

Outbound Sales Development

Skillful outbound teams that open doors and manage measured discovery with senior decision makers focus on developing leads into Opportunities, Outbound amplify the impact of digital marketing, accelerates the speed at which our clients gain exposure to their highest value targets and help prioritise . Our outbound teams are known for their experience, and ability to develop relationships with decsion makers at the highest levels. 

Outsourced Sales

Our Outsourced Sales professionals are proven business winners that have consistently out performed targets. They are experts in new client acquisition and allow our clients to rapidly onboard and deploy a flexible, high quality sales team more cost effectively and with significantly less effort that it would take to recruit permanent hires

Outsourced Sales
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