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Growth Playbooks 

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About Sequence  

Sequence is a boutique consultancy specialising in the design and implementation of  bespoke playbooks to accelerate growth.


Clients work with Sequence because our unique approach, insight and experience provides solutions to difficult growth challenges. 

Sequence has served global clients across multiple sectors including professional services, law, legaltech, enterprises saas and more. 

Playbook Approach

Every company has an optimal sales system which can create competitive advantage. However most fail to adapt their process to their unique market position which leaves value and growth potential untapped.

Sequence Playbooks inform the activty mix, process, methodology and timeline to improve sales performance. They are bespoke to each company, built from the unique set of internal and external factors that impact a company’s sales success, and dynamically linked to their target growth sectors.

How do we serve our clients 

Our clients are typically challenger companies under constant pressure to evolve and limited by time, budget and resource. They hit growth challenges and struggle for effective ways to solve them. 

Sequence acts as a trusted advisor bringing fresh independent insight and working with clients to produce playbooks that help them outperform against market leaders. 

Playbook Value

Playbooks help our clients sell more effectively which creates growth that is ultimately measured in increased shareholder value. 

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